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Chris Burkey

Due to the COVID-19 crisis taking place in our country, extraordinary measures and flexibility will need to occur from everyone as we move to educate our students in a non-traditional format. On Monday, March 30, 2020, the PENNCREST School District will implement a Continuity of Education Plan. Planned instruction will occur virtually for our secondary students and via deliverables or packets for our youngest students. Please know that we are taking direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and their directives may change due to the fluidity of the crisis or new legislative mandates.

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Chris Burkey

The cold and flu season continues to linger and we are experiencing a normal number of cases of students who are absent for seasonal influenza, coughs, colds and viruses. In light of the recent news and the communications by the federal and state government(s) regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the District believes this is an appropriate time to re-share proactive measures that all families can take to keep each other healthy in the event the virus would impact our communities. 

Although we have not experienced any cases of ​COVID-19 ​in Pennsylvania, we are actively monitoring the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the PA Department of Health for updates so we can communicate with our families to stay prepared. Additionally, the District is taking internal steps to keep our students and employees safe. Health experts have indicated that COVID-19 is different than seasonal influenza, but similar prevention strategies can be effective. ​ 

We are respectfully requesting that all families know and practice the following: 

1.    Do not send your child to school if he or she has a fever. A fever can indicate that your child may be battling an illness that could be contagious to others. 

2.    Remind your child that good hand washing techniques will protect them from spreading and picking up the germs of others. 

3.    Remind your child to cough and sneeze into the fabric of his or her sleeve, rather than into their hands. 

4.    Please keep your school nurse informed of any contagious illness that your child experiences so that we can monitor classrooms and school trends. 


Please contact your school principal or nurse with additional questions or concerns.


Additional Information:

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