About Us

In 1971 PENNCREST School District was founded through a state mandated merger of several small rural school systems. The name PENNCREST was created by combining the first letter of several of the municipalities involved; Cambridge Springs, Randolph, East Meade, Saegertown and Townville. Despite our relatively small 2756 student population, we are one of the largest school districts in Pennsylvania in terms of square mileage, 408. PENNCREST serves a resident population of 24,644 in 20 small towns in Crawford County and a small portion of Venango County. We are a small rural school district located in Northwest Pennsylvania South of Erie and just North of Meadville. Agriculture, Tool & Die, and Manufacturing represents our largest industry sectors with the majority of land devoted to Agriculture endeavors. PENNCREST is home to the US Department of the Interior’s Erie National Wildlife Refuge that boast 8777 acres of preserved and pristine wetlands. PA State Game Lands 69, 85, 96, 122, 146, 152, 199, 200, 269, and 277 and Woodcock Creek Lake and State Park account for an additional 16,934 acres of PA woodlands. Approximately 40 square miles or 10 percent of our district is classified as protected land. 


PENNCREST is comprised of three (3) regional campuses housing a K-6 Elementary School and a 7-12 Junior/Senior High School. 


Cambridge Springs 

  • Cambridge Springs Elementary School, K-6, 130 Steele Street, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403, built in 1960. 
  • Cambridge Springs Junior/Senior High School, 7-12, 641 Venango Avenue, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403, built in 1952.



  • Maplewood Elementary School, K-6, 32695 State Highway 408, Townville, PA 16360, built in 1959.
  •  Maplewood Junior/Senior High School, 7-12, 30383 Guys Mills Road, Guys Mills, PA 16237, built in 1977.



  • Saegertown Elementary School, K-6, 18741 State Highway 198, Saegertown, PA 16433, built in 1960. 
  • Saegertown Junior/Senior High School, 7-12, 18079 Mook Road, Saegertown, PA 16433, built in 1970.


PENNCREST School District's Mission is to provide resources and opportunities that challenge students, assess their educational progress, provide a system of support and empower all to become confident lifelong learners.


The PENNCREST School District will be a dynamic educational community that inspires optimal student achievement and lifelong learning.

Shared Values

  1. Have the right and equal access to an appropriate education.
  2. Learn and achieve success at different rates.
  3. Develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes from research-based instruction based on measurable PA Core Academic Standards.
  4. Develop 21st Century technology and communication skills.
  5. Be self-directed and demonstrate both organizational and higher order thinking skills.
  6. Develop self-discipline to become responsible for their own learning and behavior.
  7. Respect cultural and ethnic differences.
  8. Develop a positive work ethic and desire to achieve their potential.
  9. Develop self-esteem and experience success in learning.
  10. Demonstrate respect for themselves and their community.
  11. Be provided the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities.
  12. Learn the value of service to others.

**Note numbers do not indicate an order of priority. The values are enumerated only for purposes of identification.