Weather Related Delays and Closings FAQ

How are parents and residents alerted to a delay or closing?

1. PENNCREST School District Website 

2. School Messenger (emergency notification system) via Text, email and voice

     -Parent/Guardian enrolled automatically (update via Unified Classroom)

     -Community opt-in via

3. School Social Media accounts 

4.Television stations

     (District-wide only, not used when only 1 attendance area is closed or delayed)

     -Your Erie (Fox 66, JetTV 24)

     -Erie News Now (WICU 12)

5. Radio - Forever Media





How is a delay or closing determined?

Weather and road conditions are checked during the night before a potential weather event. A variety of resources are used to gather information before making a decision. Local news stations, weather alerts from NOAA and the National Weather Service are monitored for rapidly changing weather patterns and storm predictions. Our Transportation contractor and Facilities Departments work closely with the local road crews, PennDOT, and county public works and Police to determine road safety. Road safety includes snow and ice accumulation, washed out roads, fallen trees, down power lines, traffic accidents, and the like. Communications occur throughout the night and are in full operation by 5:00am. 

What factors are included in the decision?

The decision to delay or close school is more than snowfall accumulation. Bus stop safety, walking routes, school parking lots and sidewalks, building heat and power, traffic accidents, ice and other precipitation are a few of the factors considered. 

What is the timeline for a delay of school closing?

We attempt to adhere to our guidelines; however, Northwestern Pennsylvania weather is unpredictable and often erratic.

6:00am - Decision to delay or close 

8:00am - Decision to close after issuing a delay 

What time does school start and when does the bus arrive when we are delayed?

We operate on a 2-hour delay schedule, so add 2 hours to your bus stop and school start times. 


Regular Start Time 2-Hour Delay Start Time 

Elementary Schools 8:15am 10:15am 

Jr/Sr High Schools 8:00am 10:00am 

Does the School District delay or close for cold weather?

There is no set temperature that would cause a district to close. Several districts in our area consider cold weather delays when wind chill approaches -20 degrees. Delaying school due to cold weather is only logical if the temperature is expected to increase significantly by the time students are waiting at the bus stop. 

Other local districts are delayed or closed, why are we open?

Weather conditions vary throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania, and our decision is based on Crawford County’s road conditions and school operations. 

If school is closed are after school activities cancelled?

Yes. If PENNCREST closes school, all after school activities are cancelled at all District schools. 

However, out-of-district events may not be cancelled. Each school will notify participants if events are to continue as scheduled. 

Is breakfast served when school is delayed?


What should I do if I know a student does not have adequate outerwear for the winter weather?

Please contact the building principal or guidance counselor if you believe a student is in need of winter clothing. 

If Pennsylvania declares a state of emergency do we have to make up the school day?

Under PA School Code Section 2523, all students must attend 180 school days and receive no less than 990 hours per year in the secondary and 900 hours per year in the elementary levels. 

PENNCREST builds in five (5) make-up days each year. 

If a school or school district is unable to make-up a school closure, they must request an exception to the 180-day attendance requirement and justify the reason. The reason must include why the day cannot be added to the end of the school year in June. 

What if the bus doesn’t come down my road because it’s considered to be unsafe or impassable?

The bus drivers will make every attempt to complete their routes. If any particular road is deemed to be unsafe because of ice, snow, or other conditions and the parent is not able to transport their child to school, the student’s absence will be an excused absence. 

Should inclement weather strike during the school day, what are the procedures for early dismissals during the school day? 

It is unlikely the District will dismiss students early. The decision to keep students in school until roads are passable is more likely than sending students home to the possibility of an empty house. This is especially a concern with our elementary students. 

Should we need to dismiss early, parents will be notified via our four communication avenues.

1. Television 

2. District Website 

3. CONNECT message 

4. Social Media