Procedures for weather related delays and school cancellations

The decision to close or delay school is never easy. It is a careful evaluation of several variables that involves many individuals throughout Crawford County. Our primary objective is to ensure students can safely travel to their bus stops and our buses can navigate the roads carefully. Each weather occurrence is unique and a delay or closure depends on several variables, such as road condition/maintenance, power, heat and internet outages. 



Early in the morning, communications between the three Crawford County Superintendents occur, as well as, within transportation and facility directors who report on current county and local road conditions, police and emergency calls, the progress of the snow removal and school functionality. The District subscribes to several weather reporting agencies including NOAA and the National Weather Service. More often than not, we also have several district employees who are out driving the roads between 5:00am-6:00am to assist with our final determination. 


The following are timelines we attempt to follow: 

6:00am - Decision to delay or close 

8:00am - Decision to close after issuing a delay 

Once a determination is made, we notify our students, families, and staff members. 



We simultaneously report delays and cancellations to local media, the PENNCREST website, social media and via a Blackboard Connect message. School delays or cancellations are reported to Your Erie and Erie News Now. Each news station website has the ability to sign up for electronic cancellation and delay notices. 


During a 2-hour school delay or a cancellation, all PENNCREST resident children (including parochial, private, non-public, Crawford County Career and Technology Center, Bethesda and similar schools) follow the same 2-hour delay or cancellation schedule with respects to transportation.