Why did the PSD create the Cyber Academy?

  • To provide an alternative, flexible education to all students learning styles
  • To bring additional savings to the PENNCREST School District
  • To provide homeschoolers with a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with the PENNCREST School District and Pennsylvania state standards

Who Can Enroll?

Any student in grades K through 12 in the PENNCREST School District attendance area.

Who teaches the classes?

All Cyber Academy classes are taught by local Pennsylvania certified teachers in the PENNCREST School District. 

What equipment does the school district provide?

How is attendance taken?

  • Students are required to actively be logged into the cyber platform and work a minimum of 60 minutes per day (12:00am-11:59pm) to be credited with being in attendance for any school day.
  • The student may choose his/her time schedule.

How are PSSA and Keystone State Tests administered?

  • All 3rd through 8th grade students must take the PSSA tests. These tests are administered at the student’s home ‘brick and mortar’ school.
  • Students will take the Keystone tests for algebra, literature, and biology at the student’s home ‘brick and mortar’ school.

Is online education right for me?

  • In order to be successful in online learning, the student must be self-motivated.
  • The student enjoys working independently with no classroom distractions.
  • The student prefers a flexible time schedule where he/she is not bound to the traditional school hours.
  • The student prefers a self-pacing form of education.