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PENNCREST Cyber Academy

 Applications are currently be accepted for the current and next school year.
Look under "Enrollment Forms" for an application.

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional method of education?  Then venture outside the confining walls of a “brick and mortar” school and explore what the PSD Cyber Academy has to offer. The PSD Cyber Academy offers an array of electives and opportunities for success.

Why choose the PSD Cyber Academy?

  • Free-tuition
  • A flexible school schedule allowing students to work during nontraditional school hours
  • District supplied Chromebook
  • Free tech support during operation hours
  • Internet reimbursement up to $40 a month (Bills need to be submitted on a monthly basis.)
  • Courses taught by PENNCREST teachers
  • Weekly feedback on student’s progress and opportunities for face to face meetings with teachers
  • Students may attend classes at the ‘brick and mortar’ home school in conjunction with cyber courses
  • Online and on-site tutoring opportunities
  • Students may participate in extracurricular activities at the home school
  • PSSA and Keystone State exams done locally at the student’s home school building
  • Graduating students receive an PSD diploma and may participate in graduation ceremony at the ‘brick and mortar’ home school


For more information, please contact Ken Newman at 814-798-1600 or by email at

"Empowering life-long learners"