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Medication Policy and Form

Medication Form

Medication use during school hours is strongly discouraged due to the numerous problems it creates. It is suggested that every attempt be made to schedule any medications around school hours. Family physicians may be consulted regarding alternatives that would allow medication to be given at home only. If, however, medication use is found to be absolutely necessary during school hours, School District policy requires that the following procedures be followed:
A written doctor's order must be obtained for any medication, including over-the counter medications.
Parental permission must be provided in writing.
The medication must be sent in original pharmacy containers. For your convenience, it is suggested that a second prescription bottle be obtained from your pharmacist for this purpose.
Parents are strongly urged to deliver any medication to school personnel. If it is absolutely necessary for students to bring medication to school, the medication must be given to the nurse or school personnel immediately upon arrival to school. In addition, the original pharmacy container must be sent in a sealed envelope with the number of doses clearly designated, not to exceed five (5) days (one week's supply), and with the signature of the parent/guardian attesting to the number of doses sent. Medication brought by parents will be permitted in dosages not to exceed ten (10) days (two weeks supply).
If medication is not provided to the school as ordered by the physician, parents are responsible to notify the nurse as to the reason.
Medication will at no time be sent home with a student. Unused medication may be picked up by the parent/guardian no later than the last day of school with any unclaimed medication disposed of on the last day of school.
When the medication form is completed, your child will be advised to report to the Nurse's office at the appropriate time for him/her to take the ordered medication. When the Nurse is unavailable, persons designated by the school administration will supervise the administration of this medication.
For your convenience, the District's medication form can be downloaded by selecting the link below. To provide a convenient means of obtaining this information, sign the bottom of this form indicating parental permission and send it to the doctor with a request that it be completed and faxed to your child's school. The fax number for each school may be found on the form.