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Peaceful Playground

Peaceful Playgrounds
To prevent bullying on the playground, PENNCREST is implementing the Peaceful Playgrounds Program.  Schools that already use the program report fewer confrontations between kids, fewer playground injuries, and more student involvement in physical activities.
The Peaceful Playgrounds Program consists of five components:
1.  Conflict Resolution
Children in the district are being taught to resolve simple disagreements using the Walk, Talk, Rock method of  conflict resolution.   Using this method, students are given the option of walking away from a dispute, talking it through, or using   “rock, paper, scissors” to quickly resolve disagreements.
2.  Rules
Establishing a consistent set of game rules helps cut down on playground disputes.  Students are being taught the rules of the Peaceful Playgrounds games in Pysical Education classes.  Faculty members are also being trained on game rules so that they will be consistently enforced.
3.  Expectations
Rules need to be consistently enforced by playground supervisors.  Implementing the Peaceful Playgrounds Program has given each PENNCREST elementary school an opportunity to review their playground policies with their faculty members.
4.  Equipment
Research shows that kids are more likely engage in physical activity at recess when there is enough equipment available.  The equipment necessary to implement Peaceful Playgrounds is being purchased for each school.
5.  Designs
The program provides designs for up to 100 new playground games that are being added to the blacktop and grassy areas of PENNCREST’s playgrounds.  A few new games were painted at each elementary school last fall, and the remainder of the games will be painted in the spring.
If you would like to learn more about the Peaceful Playgrounds program, visit their website: