P-T Staff

Department Staff
Patrick Connelly [Plant and Transportation Supervisor]
Patricia Retchloff [Plant and Transportation Secretary]
Dan Gricks [Maintenance Supervisor - Maplewood]
Alfred Reibel [Maintenance Supervisor- Cambridge Springs]
Jake Smith [Maintenance Supervisor - Saegertown]
All building custodians and maintenance mechanic
The PENNCREST School District Plant and Transportation Department is responsible for all aspects of:
A. District Facilities:
Construction, Maintenance and Repair, Cleaning, Facility use, Emergency Coordination, Safety programs, Utilities, Athletic Fields, Grounds maintenance, Environmental Regulations Compliance
B. Pupil Transportation:
Transportation Data Records, State Reimbursement Reports, Transportation Contracts, Assignments of Stops and Routes, Coordination of Athletic and Field Trips, Emergency Evacuation Coordination, Accident Investigation and Reports, Commercial Driver Drug and Alcohol Program, Bus Shelters and Stop Ahead Signs, Student Discipline Appeal