At Risk Students

Alternative Education at Bethesda

PENNCREST School District and Conneaut School District operate an Alternative Education Program for Regular Students at the Bethesda Children’s Home.
The goals of the PENNCREST/Conneaut Alternative Education Program are to address student behavioral needs and to maintain a climate conducive to learning in the regular classroom. Alternative Education programs that promote parent involvement, small class size, adequate staffing, community atmosphere, autonomous operation, and focus on authentic learning have been shown to be effective in meeting goals.

Incarcerated Youth Program

PENNCREST School District operates an Alternative Education Program for Incarcerated Youth with approval of the PA Department of Education at the Crawford County Correctional Facility.
Students who are incarcerated in a county jail or prison within the school district’s boundaries are entitled to receive an education. Students confined in local education institutions (county jails and prisons) who are charged with criminal offenses receive an education in the same manner and to the same extent as students who have been placed in an alternative education program for disruptive youth. This alternative education program provides the flexibility and maximum benefits for educating incarcerated students.